MOT Rayleigh

It seems that the things we don’t look forward to come around faster than the things we do look forward to, and this is definitely true for MOT tests. It often feels like we’ve only just had an MOT test done, and before you know it, the next one is just around the corner.

With this feeling comes the sense that MOT tests are a chore that never seem to go away. They take time out of your week, they cost money, and are just a general inconvenience, and that’s if you pass it. Failing an MOT test can cause a host of other problems.

At RJ Harvey, we understand all of this. That’s why we strive to carry out your MOT test as quickly as possible, causing as minimal an inconvenience as possible.

What’s more, we also offer MOT servicing, designed to make sure that your vehicle is in the best possible condition before it goes for its MOT test and giving it the best possible chance of passing.

So if you have an Rayleigh MOT coming up, and either want to book a test or a service, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help

    What is an MOT test?

    An MOT (or Ministry of Transport) test is a test carried out on vehicles to make sure that they’re safe to drive on the roads.

    During an MOT test, a wide range of your vehicle’s parts and systems will be checked to ensure that they’re working as they should. From checking your tyres to testing the brakes, it’s a comprehensive test.

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    How can I make sure my car passes its MOT test?

    Firstly, keeping your vehicle in good condition as you use it will be a big help to getting it to pass its MOT test. This includes keeping it relatively clean, and getting issues fixed while they’re still minor, rather than later when they can cause a more serious accident.

    Other things you can easily check or test that will be checked during the MOT test include:

    • Brake fluid – make sure your car has enough brake fluid
    • Warning lights – if your car has any warning lights showing up, you find out the reason for this before your MOT
    • Mirrors – make sure your mirrors are usable, and in a good condition
    • Tyres – make sure they’re not flat or worn smooth
    • Lights – check all the bulbs are working and bright enough
    • Horn – make sure it works
    • Oil – check your oil levels

    For anything else, it’s recommended that you take your vehicle into a garage to get serviced before you take it in for an MOT test. This way, if there are issues that get flagged, you can deal with them before the test, rather than after you’ve failed it.

    Why does my car need to be MOT’d?

    The purpose of an MOT is to make sure that your vehicle meets the expected safety and environmental standards. By having all vehicles pass an MOT test, it helps keep people safe on the road as it reduces the chances of an accident occurring due to mechanical failure.

    If your vehicle hasn’t passed an MOT test when required to do so, it’s no longer legal to drive it on the road.


    How much does an MOT test cost?

    The price of an MOT will depend on what type of vehicle you have. For a car, an MOT will cost you £54.85. You can find the full breakdown of costs depending on vehicle type here.

    How often will I need to have an MOT test?

    Legally, your vehicle will need to undergo and pass an MOT test at least once a year for it to be deemed road safe.

    Do all cars need to have an MOT test?

    The majority of cars will. However, if your car happens to be older than 40 years old, you won’t have to take it in for an MOT. However, you are still required to keep it in good condition to ensure that it’s road safe. Additionally, vehicles less than 3 years old won’t need an MOT either.

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    Worry free MOT tests

    Even if your vehicle is in great shape, there’s always going to be that small worry in the back of your mind that the MOT test is going to find an issue that causes your vehicle to fail the test.

    With RJ Harvey, we can relieve you of this worry by providing a pre-test service that removes the chance of any nasty surprises during your test.

    And some of the things that make us the best at this are our:

    • High quality work – from testing to repairs and absolutely everything in between, we strive to carry out every task to the highest possible standards.
    • Decades of experience – with almost 40 years of experience in the industry, we have the know-how to provide the very best in vehicle services.
    • Great customer service – we always provide reliable and honest advice, and carry out solutions that are in our customers best interest.

    If your vehicle is due for an MOT test in Rayleigh, why not book it with RJ Harvey, or book in a pretest servicing with us that will relieve you of any test related worries?