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Whenever you’re paying someone for a service, you want to know that you’re getting value for your money, and this is particularly true when you’re hiring a car mechanic.

Car’s are both valuable assets, and a potential drain on your finances. They require money to keep them in good condition, and even cost you money each year just to legally keep them on the road.

That’s why when you’re paying a car mechanic, you want to know that they’re going to do an exemplary job that won’t require you to get the same issue fixed in a couple of months time.

And at RJ Harvey, we inspire confidence in our customers thanks to almost four decades of experience in the industry alongside our history of providing an expert and speedy service.

So if you’re in need of an Essex mechanic who you can trust to do the job well whatever it is, why not get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

    What does a car mechanic do?

    A car mechanic can carry out an large number of useful tasks and provide a wide range of services. In general, a car mechanic can service, repair and carry out test on your car in order to make sure that everything is running as it should.

    Some of the tasks and services that a car mechanic can provide include (but aren’t limited to):
    ➜  Regassing your car’s air con
    ➜  Carrying out car diagnostics tests
    ➜  Carrying out an MOT test
    ➜  Brake fluid and test
    ➜  General repair
    ➜  Whole car servicing

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    How do I find a good mechanic?

    Finding any old mechanic is a simple task. All it will take is a quick look online, or in the phonebook if you prefer more traditional methods.

    However, a car is a valuable asset, so most people will want to know that the person working on their car can be relied on to do a high quality and reliable job. So it’s usually worth taking the extra time to find a car mechanic who you can trust.
    If you’re looking online, there are several things that you can keep an eye out for which will let you know if the mechanic is both of a good quality, and suitable to you specifically.

    Things to look out for include:

    ➜  Qualifications
    ➜  Experience
    ➜  Customer reviews and ratings
    ➜  Business hours
    ➜  Location
    ➜  Services offered

    Alternatively, you can also ask your friends and family, who may be able to recommend a mechanic to you who they had a good experience with.

    Can I fix my car myself?

    In some situations, yes, you can fix your car yourself. Things like regassing your car are considered to be relatively simple tasks that most people can accomplish themselves.
    However, unless you happen to be a professional mechanic yourself, there are several good reasons why you shouldn’t attempt any repairs yourself, even if it seems like a simple task.
    Some of these reasons are:

    • Botched repairs – if you’re inexperienced working on cars, there’s always the chance that your repairs may be ineffecitve, and possible even make the problem even worse
    • Warranty – if you make repairs to your own car, your warranty could become void.
    • Insurance – if you get into an accident due to a mechanical failure caused by you working on your car, there’s a chance that your insurance won’t cover and damages
    • Time – it will almost certainly take you longer to carry out the task than it would take the mechanic, meaning you lose out on a large chunk of time
    • Cost – often, paying a mechanic to do it isn’t much more expensive than doing it yourself once you’ve bought all of the necessary parts.
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    In lots of cases when people have attempted repairs themselves, they eventually have to take it to a mechanic to fix anyway, so it’s usually just better to take it to a mechanic in the first place and save yourself some time and money.

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    How much does a mechanic cost?

    This will depend on the service you require. However, you’ll have to pay for any parts that need to be sourced, plus the mechanics rate. In general though, a typical full car service will cost you £200 on average.

    What qualifications does a car mechanic need?

    There are no legally required qualifications for a mechanic to set up shop, which is why it’s worth checking their experience and customer reviews. However, there are qualifications that mechanics can earn that prove they’ve undergone a certain amount of training, such as the Level 3 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance.

    Reliable and experienced Essex car mechanics

    At RJ Harvey, we appreciate that you want to know that whoever you trust to service your car is going to provide a great service. We’re proud of the quality of service that we’re able to consistently provide our customers. From simple tasks such as regassing your car’s air con to carrying out more complex repairs in order to get your car ready for its MOT, we have the skills needed to get your car back in shape.
    And some of the things that help us do this are our:

    • Wealth of experience – with almost four decades of experience, we’re well versed with any and all vehicle problems you may have
    • Range of services – we put our wide array of skills to good use and provide a wide range of services, meaning that we’re always able to help you out
    • Great customer service – we always prioritise our customer’s satisfaction, and will always do what is best for you.
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    So if you’re in need of a car mechanic Essex, why not get in touch with us today and let us know what we can do to get you back on the road.