MOT Repairs Essex

When it comes around to that time of year when your vehicle is due for an MOT, it always brings around a certain amount of stress. You have to find somewhere to book your vehicle in, and on a date that isn’t massively inconvenient to you. And what’s more, you want to make sure your vehicle passes.
Because who has the time to deal with failing an MOT test, finding someone who can make the necessary repairs, and not being able to use your vehicle?
Instead, it’s a lot easier to get any repairs that need to be made before you have your MOT test, rather than after you’ve failed it.
At RJ Harvey, we provide MOT repairs Essex for those who like to plan ahead and make the repairs early, and those whose MOT test perhaps turned up something unexpected. Either way, we can make sure your vehicle is in the best possible shape, meaning it’s in the best possible position to pass its MOT test.
So if your vehicle is due for an MOT test, and you want to save yourself the stress of whether or not it’s going to pass, why not get in touch with us today, and we’ll make all of the necessary repairs in plenty of time.

    What is an MOT repair?

    An MOT repair is a repair made to your vehicle in order to prevent your vehicle failing its MOT test. Whether your vehicle is yet to go in for an MOT test, or it’s already gone in for one and failed because of an issue that needs fixing, making those necessary MOT repairs will ensure that your vehicle will ultimately pass its MOT.

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    How do I get an MOT repair?

    Your first step is to find a mechanic or car garage that you can rely on to carry out any repairs to a high standard, and on time.

    To do this, a good first port of call is your friends and family. Chances are, lots of them will already have dealt with some of the local garages, and so they can give you recommendations on which to approach.

    Failing this, take a look online. When looking at each garage, keep an eye on their:

    • History
    • Customer ratings
    • Testimonials
    • Qualifications
    • Insurance

    Once you’ve found the perfect Essex mechanic for you, give them a call and let them know what you need. They’ll be able to tell you from there when you’ll need to bring your car in, how long the repair will take, and probably how much it will cost too.

    Why do I need to get an MOT repair?

    Put simply, you’ll need to carry out any necessary MOT repairs so that you can pass your cars MOT. This is important, as if your car fails its MOT, you won’t be able to drive it out on the road.
    MOT’s are carried out in order to ensure as much as possible that the cars on the road are safe to drive, and aren’t likely to cause an accident due to a mechanical failure.
    That’s why it’s vital you pass your MOT test if you want to use your car, and carrying out MOT repairs gives you the best chance of doing this.


    Can I carry out repairs myself?

    Legally yes, you can. However, having a professional mechanic carry out the repairs for you means that you’re much less likely to fail your MOT test. Plus, many insurances or warranties can be voided if you incorrectly repair your car yourself.

    How much do MOT repairs cost?

    This will depend on the type of repairs you need doing. Small jobs such as replacing a worn down tyre could cost you as little as £20, whereas bigger, more complicated jobs could be in the hundreds of pounds, if not thousands. Speak to your mechanic before any repairs are done and they should be able to give you an idea about cost.

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    Fast and reliable MOT repairs

    When you’re getting the necessary repairs made to your vehicle in anticipation of your MOT test, you want to know that the repairs made are going to be done on time, and to a satisfactory standard. Otherwise, you risk failing your retest.

    At RJ Harvey, we always do everything in our power to get any necessary repairs done with plenty of time to spare

    • Speedy repairs – we do everything within our power to make sure that any necessary repairs are done with time to spare, saving you the stress of worrying about that approaching retest deadline
    • High quality work – we pride ourselves on doing everything to the highest quality, from the repairs we carry out to how we run our business
    • Wealth of experience – with almost four decades of experience under our belts, we have the skills and knowledge to address all of your vehicle’s needs.

    So if you need a speedy repair carried out by skilled and knowledgeable mechanics who you can rely on, why not get in touch with us today and let us know what we can do to get your car fit to pass its MOT test?