MOT Wickford

Owning a car comes with a number of responsibilities. It’s your responsibility to drive safely, get car insurance, and pay road tax.
But for many people, one responsibility often stands out as being more of a chore than any of the others, and that’s to get your MOT test done.
A responsibility that costs you in both time and money, it’s something that you have to go through at least once a year, meaning that as soon as you’ve had one test done, the next one seems just around the corner.
At RJ Harvey, we understand this. That’s why we’ve designed our offering around making it as hassle free as possible for our customers. By providing a fast and expert service coupled with affordable rates, we make getting an MOT as minimally burdensome as possible.

So if you need to get your vehicle booked in for an MOT in Wickford, or want to get it serviced before its test, then get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.

    What is an MOT?

    While MOT stands for Ministry of Transport, when people say that their car is due for an MOT, they actually mean an MOT test. This is a test that you’re legally required to have carried out on your car on an annual basis.

    The purpose of the test is to ensure that your car is working properly and is unlikely to experience serious mechanical failures, while also making sure that it’s not too damaging to the environment.

    MOT Wickford Servicing and Testing 1
    MOT Wickford Servicing and Testing 2

    How do I pass my MOT Wickford?

    To pass your MOT test, you need to prove that your car is both safe to drive, and not too damaging to the environment.

    But unless you’re a professional, you’re unlikely to be able to spot all of the potential problems that could cause your vehicle to fail its MOT.

    That’s why it’s highly recommended that you take your car in to get serviced before you have your MOT test. This way, if there are any issues with your vehicle, you can catch them before the test and get them fixed.

    Otherwise, you risk failing your MOT test, having to get those fixes made anyway, and then booking in for a retest, all of which will cost you in time and money.

    Why do I need to pass my MOT?

    There are two main reasons why you need to have an MOT test each year.

    The first reason is to make sure that your vehicle isn’t likely to suffer from mechanical failure while you’re on the road. This helps keep the roads safe to use, and reduces the likelihood of an accident occurring due to a mechanical failure.
    The second reason is to make sure your car isn’t too environmentally unfriendly. The government has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and a large part of these emissions come from vehicles.
    Failure to pass your MOT test will result in you being unable to drive your vehicle on the road, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure that your vehicle will pass the test.


    Do all cars need to have an annual MOT?

    While the majority of cars do need an annual MOT, there are two exceptions to this. The first is for cars that are less than three years old, and the second is for cars older than 40 years old. However, in both cases you are still required to ensure that your vehicle is kept in a good condition and is safe to be out on the road.

    How much does an MOT cost?

    This will depend on your specific vehicle. However, for a medium sized car, you’ll pay £54.85.

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    MOT Wickford Servicing and Testing 4

    Keeping you on the road

    Regardless of how good condition your car is in, there’s always that small chance that something unexpected is going to come up on your MOT.

    That’s why we provide Wickford car servicing that’s designed to make sure that there aren’t any nasty surprises when you go in for your MOT test.

    And as with all of our services, we can provide a pre-MOT service at highly competitive rates. What’s more, we’re also able to provide a stellar service thanks to our:

    • Open communications – we’ll keep you up to date throughout the service, so that you know exactly what we’re doing with your vehicle and why
    • Wealth of experience – with almost 40 years of experience, we have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide an expert service regardless of your needs
    • Range of services – no matter what your need or problem is, we’ll be able to help you get back on the road in no time at all

    So if you have an MOT in Wickford coming up and want to book your test with us or if you think a pre-test service is a good idea, get in touch with us today.